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Our goal at WUND is to help music artists build sustainable successful careers providing a balanced combination of career consulting sessions, financial assessment, life coaching, workshops and executable business plans.

Ultimately, WUND strives to provide safe space for artistic creators in the music and entertainment industry that promotes transparent negotiations between the artist and all other industry partners.


AQUAFABA reflects the magic of Berlin’s eclectic scene and serve their own flavor of transgressive creativity. A burst of Brazilian rhythms and Indigenous sonorities of the Chilean Andes with psychedelic doses of Bossa, Alt-Rock, MPB, Baião and Jazz tastefully garnished with their soulful folksy vocal cords.

Cristóbal and Danilo’s lyrics in Portuguese, Spanish, and dashes of English tell stories of lands, spirits, and metaphysical spheres they’ve encountered along the way, and elegantly share their daring socio-political views they’ve adopted throughout their multi-dimensional journeys.

Jeheremy Alexander Characo
wundmuzik [at] gmail [dot] com